Heritage House | Est 1968

Branding Heritage House | Boys’ Suits source since 1968

Established in 1968, Heritage House is a high end boys’ suits store and custom tailor located in the beautiful town of Pinecrest, in Miami. Their logo had not had an update since 1986 and the owners felt it was now time. They engaged us to help them establish a more clear brand identity and we started by researching the history of the company. We found that their first logotype that had been used from 1968 – 1986 had an element that we knew could tie it all together, the Heritage House coat of arms. We also noticed that there was a bit of an identity problem being that they are a successful online retailer under the name boyssuits.com and having their physical location with all the heritage and credibility under the name Heritage House. So we knew we needed to create a logotype that would make it all come together and speak a clear story to already existing clients as well as to new ones.

Here is how we broke what we broke down the experience.

A strong high society symbol that can eventually stand on its own and still be clearly recognized. Needs to have a sense of membership to it, a coat of arms.

The name Heritage House has long established credibility connected to it.

For three reasons:
1. Not everybody would understand what Heritage House does or sells on its own.
2. Could not be too long due to need to fit on small labels and other materials like round shoe shine products.
3. To help the name Heritage House connect with the website address www.boyssuits.com which is an important source of income for the company.

THE CALL TO ACTION – www.boyssuits.com
Since the website is a very important source for the company and we needed to make sure it is constantly marketed and feels natural to have in the logotype.

To sum it up, the new Heritage House logotype was created upon details that matter and both owners and its clients are happy and excited to move forward with a stronger brand ready to take on the future, still paying full tribute to its rich past.