Restaurant Indra

We were asked to create a beautiful and interesting brand for the owners of Indra, making sure that the people would not only get a great culinary experience but also a memorable visual treat. From logotype to menu´s to interior decor and custom wallpaper, Barba created detailed and meaningful layers that are yet easy to the eye. The logotype was inspired by the shape of a holy hand and the God Indra riding towards you on his elephant. The restaurant and lounge have been a success ever since its opening and has become a strong and well-known brand in the town of Norrköping, Sweden.

“We had a restaurant theme that we knew was going work in our city, but only if the branding would be on top level. Barba helped us visualize everything from interior design, colors, fonts and even our employees uniforms, to make sure that everything was perfect. We cannot thank them enough for what they did and we can proudly say that Indra has now been open and for over 5 years and is doing better than ever!” – Markus Melki, owner of Restaurant Indra

Restaurant Branding Barba Miami