The Battle Axe Gym

The Battle Axe is not only a gym but also a family of hard-working and highly dedicated tribe members. I wanted to give the Axe symbol a modern and strong feel that the gym could grow with in regards to apparel, events, nutrition etc. A website with a focus on blogging was also created, easy to navigate and update for the client.

“Valentine totally nailed it with not only the branding of Battle Axe but also the service and great consulting they provide. He connects with you on a personal level and it obvious that he makes it just as important to him as it is for the client to get the best possible results. Just like I do with my clients at Battle Axe. We have already got a ton of great feedback on our site and brand in general and we´re looking forward to grow and continue working with Mellstrom Design Co!”

– Michael De La Pava, Owner of The Battle Axe Gym